About Linda

By day, I’m an uptight and proper academic – a publish or perish, right brain type. But when darkness falls and the house stills, I write poems, stories, and other lies.

I write what I know. And I write what I don’t know. My research in mental health and substance use disorders underpins much of my fiction. A nice bridge between the two sides of my brain.

cropped-linda1.jpgMy Pushcart- and Best-of-the-Net- nominated prose and poems have been published at The Sun, Smokelong Quarterly, Monkeybicycle, Scissors and Spackle, MiCrow, Blue Five Notebook, The Poet’s Market 2013, Hoot, Camroc Press Review, Every Day Fiction, and Nanoism, among others. In 2015, I received my MA in Writing from Johns Hopkins. When I’m not writing, working, or sleeping. I serve as Senior Fiction Editor at JMWW, a Baltimore-based literary journal.